"We treat clients the way we would like to be treated....... where service and customer experience is paramount."

By appointment


Personal Styling

* Help to improve your appearance – look stylish without following current trends and feel comfortable in what you wear from spectacles down to your shoes
* Guidance in negotiating the extensive array of clothing available to select key items to integrate with your current wardrobe
* Shopping sessions arranged by appointment to all major stores and boutiques


*Presentations to groups or individuals on appearance and stylish dressing to build confidence, make the right impression and look professional
*Individual styling for black tie corporate events and special occasions
*Guest speaker for in house training and seminars, on customer service and its importance within the global luxury industry

Look Books

*Clothing samples and mood boards prepared for styling presentations at home or office
*Look books created as a point of reference for crossover and colour coordination of clothing items
*Creation of go to looks for business and holiday travel

Repairs & Alterations

*Tailor and rework existing clothing to give a new lease of life
*Invisible mending and intricate detailed work undertaken
*Watch and jewellery repairs, servicing and cleaning


*Audit and inventory of current wardrobe with advice on what to keep or discard
*Everyday management including the right storage, clothes hangers, covers and pest protection
*Capsule wardrobe of ‘go to looks’ with key pieces for every day work and social occasions

Personal Shopping

*Privileged access to luxury suppliers to obtain items not normally readily available
*Procure personalised unique or bespoke items
*Complete service from head to toe encompassing watches, jewellery, eyewear and other accessories

We don’t want you to spend money just for the sake of it. You’ve invested in your clothes over the years and if they don’t fit let’s see if we can revive them.

Apogee Image Consultants – On Rejuvenating Old Favourites

A Lifetime Spent in Styling

Help and advice to give confidence, comfort and a cutting edge

Patrick PersaudApogee Image Consultants has evolved from a directional change in Patrick Persaud Ltd which arose from increasing customer demand for the services of an image consultant from clientele worldwide from London all the way down under to Melbourne, where a base has recently been established.

The consultancy was originally established in 2010, very much geared to the luxury market, but focusing on personal styling and image management for both men and women. As more and more people are looking to improve the way they are perceived, they seek image consultants for help and advice, to give confidence, comfort and a cutting edge to their appearance.

Targeting clientele where customer experience is paramount, and at the same time drawing on our passion and attention to detail, we provide a service geared to a niche-market, which includes styling sessions, personal shopping, wardrobe management and tailoring, together with servicing and repairs from clothing to fine jewellery and beyond; all for the local and international business person who does not have the time to for this.

Having built up a strong affiliation with a network of luxury retailers and suppliers in the UK & internationally (eg Giorgio Armani Privé, Hermès, Bottega Veneta, Chanel Couture and Loro Piana to name but a few), we are able to source hard to find items, as well as arrange bespoke orders. This also allows us to access seasonal clothing for clients which is not always readily available worldwide.

Apogee Image Consultants’ Senior Image Consultant Patrick Persaud also works closely with luxury brands on the art of building client trust and loyalty – how to stimulate customers to maintain enthusiasm and interest. From this our services have grown to include corporate guest speaking at in house training and seminars for senior managers and store directors on the importance of customer service in the global luxury industry. Moving forward, Patrick is committed to sharing his experience with the up and coming generation of stylists and retailers through mentoring and lecturing – “we never stop learning as the industry evolves”.

  • Presentation and first appearances are key to any interview or situation where you need to impress.

    Apogee on Presentation
  • Well tailored clothes give one a more confident persona – from the boardroom to the bar.

    Apogee on Tailoring
  • You pay for what you get….knowledge and experience are priceless when investing in your appearance.

    Apogee on the Value of Expertise
  • Capsule looks are a must for the corporate world traveler – ready to pack at a moment’s notice.

    Apogee on Capsule Looks
  • We want to make sure you look stylish whilst still on trend.

    Apogee on Trend
  • When you look and feel good in your clothes it shows, and gives you confidence to face the world.

    Apogee on Dressing with Confidence
  • We love what we do and the results it brings; the positive reaction from satisfied clients.

    Apogee on Client Satisfaction
  • Accessorizing done well can add that finishing touch and pull a look together.

    Apogee on Accessorizing
  • Yes is the answer; now let us know how we can help.

    Apogee Always Here to Help
  • Invest in classic, good quality, well made clothing and shoes which will stand the test of time.

    Apogee on Investment in Clothing
  • With our strong tailoring background, we understand how the suit works underneath – how it should fit you.

    Apogee on Getting the Right Fit
  • Always remember, you wear the clothes; don’t let the clothes wear you.

    Apogee on Taking Charge of What You Wear
  • A lot of our clients don’t have the time to shop. That’s what we do, so they don’t have to.

    Apogee on Personal Shopping
  • Getting the basic wardrobe staples in place is a good start from which to build your ‘looks’.

    Apogee on the Importance of the Basics


Patrick Persaud Apogee Image Consultants is dedicated to building relationships through the provision of a unique personal styling and shopping service where customer satisfaction is paramount.

  • 3 hours with Apogee Image Consultants gave me a new approach to styling and how clothes should be worn and enjoyed.

    Lachlan Buszard, TALENT ACADEMY MANAGER, (AFL)
  • Apogee Image Consultants has given me the confidence to know what works for me, taking away the pressure from sales people who try to sell everything; such a good feeling to come out of a shopping experience.

    Joan Wong, ENGINEER
  • I cannot thank Patrick and the guys at Apogee Image Consultants enough for their superb help with bringing my look up to date, with their guidance and expertise they were able to give me back my confidence.

    Dermot Fitzpatrick, CEO
  • Patrick at Apogee changed my idea of what was needed to take me from the boardroom to the dining table.   Taking note of my needs, he tailored looks around me, crossing from business/day wear into evening.

  •  Apogee Image Consultants have changed my attitude to dressing, and made it more about having fun with my clothes, and not just a chore of what to wear.

    Steven Giles, DESIGNER
  • You pay for what you get, you cannot buy experience and expertise, that’s why I use Apogee Image Consultants’ services.

    Alexey Kutkovoy, BANKER
  • As a reward for my hard work weight-loss dieting, my husband arranged a styling and shopping session with Apogee who he uses, knowing that their expertise would be just the thing to give me the right look to complement my new svelte figure.

    Olivia Palmer, HOMEMAKER
  • Patrick and his team at Apogee Image Consultants provide a high level of service which is seldom seen these days, but extremely welcome.

    Paul Docherty, CREATIVE DIRECTOR
  • As a working mother, I never have enough time to go shopping.   Apogee Image Consultants have made my life so much more manageable, freeing me up to spend more time with family and friends.

    Christine Templeton, BUSINESS CONSULTANT
  • Besides maintaining and updating my wardrobes in the UK and abroad, Apogee Image Consultants have created seasonal look books for me, that are my style bibles.

  • Patrick and the Apogee team have taken away the worry about what to wear for that special occasion or choosing what to wear for business meetings.

    Sarah Stephens, SOLICITOR
  • Apogee Image Consultants go that extra mile and some; more than just a lesson in style and what to wear.

    Jaime Morgan Hitchcock, DIRECTOR
  • I wouldn’t hesitate to consult with Apogee Image Consultants again, or to recommend them to family and friends.

    Andrew Pugsley, ACCOUNTANT (PARTNER)
  • As a woman working in the male dominated banking world, I wanted clothing to make me look professional but also stylish and approachable, opting away from the obligatory tailored suit and business shirt, which is so not me.   Quickly and without fuss, Apogee changed my perception of what was available.

    Svetlana Petrov, ACCOUNT MANAGER
  • My thanks to Patrick of Apogee Image Consultants for listening to my requirements and following through, in so doing exceeding my expectations.


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